Murni's Warung

  • Just at the Campuhan bridge, Campuhan, Ubud, Bali.

In 1974, Murni opened Ubud's first real restaurant and since then thousands of people have enjoyed her food and hospitality. Today, Murni's Warung has four open-air levels that step down the steep hillside overlooking the river and it is still one of Ubud's most popular restaurants.

When you enter Murni's Warung, the first thing you'll notice is the view of the greenery on the river's hillside. The steel cable in the foreground supports the bridge next door.

On the way to your table, you'll walk past a display cabinet of cakes and pastries that you should take a look at -- just so you'll know how much room to save for dessert. The restaurant is decorated with art from Murni's collection, including the small carvings high on the walls.

On the web site there are photos, reviews, videos and extracts from books that have included Murni's Warung in their stories, as well as our own anniversary book Forty Delicious Years, 1974-2014.