IMAN Spa Ubud

  • Ubud, Gianyar - Bali

The spirit of the heart is known as IMAN in Bali. It has to do with intuition, love and care. It seems that Nyoman Suparsa embodies these virtues in his work- his vocation. Indeed, Nyoman work on our number one reality  our body. Considered as one of the best in Ubud, Nyoman’s specific signature stands beyond the traditional range of spa treatments with intuitive bodywork  combining deep tissue massage, acupressure and reflexology. His technique is based on a sound knowledge of the meridians, supported by an active listening of the body’s response and reactions.

Suparsa sent his childhood learning meditation with a high priest. He worked at Body Work and people from all over the world became his students. He kept evolving and has now created the Iman Spa assisted by five well trained  staff with solid experience, his clientele loyally follows him in this new venture.

After the treatment, there is always time to share one’s fellings with this talented albeit humble master. Called “the Hands of Miracles”, he has saved many people in pain and helps them reconnect body and heart.

Allow yourself this treat. Miracles do not happen every day.