Melasti Before Nyepi 21 March 2023 (Event)

  • Date : 2022-12-02 to 2023-12-31
  • Time : 8 AM to 9 PM

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Bali Area 

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The Melasti processions take place approximately three days prior to the Saka New Year, when pilgrims take heirlooms in long walks from temples towards the coastlines where purification rites take place. Parasols, banners and small effigies paraded along the horizon make for a stunning and only-in-Bali scene.

Melasti ceremony meaning that the cleaning process is emotional and physical man and nature, with the menghayutkan all the dirt using water of life. Therefore prayer procession carried in water sources. Implemented not later than the afternoon. The ceremony is also aimed appealed to Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa that people are Hindus were given the power to implement a series of Nyepi.