Bunut Bolong


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  • Address:

    Manggisari Village, Pekutatan, Jembrana Regency.

Standing grandly on a slope situated in between a clove plantation and lush rainforest in the village of Manggissari, Medewi is a massive bunut tree that the Balinese hold sacred (as with many large trees) as possessing a soul and as a place of refuge for denizens of the unseen world.  The buntut is a type of giant fig tree related to the more common banyan tree and bolong which means ‘hole’ in Balinese, thus translating to ‘tree with a hole in it.’  And it’s a huge hole indeed, easily accommodating two cars side by side, that was created once the tree grew too large.  Effigies including tigers at the tree’s shrine, which is on the south side of the tree, provide temporary dwellings for wandering spirits who visit this powerful tree. 

The set of shrines that accompany this sacred tree is known as Pujangga Sakti Temple that is established to honor the great sage Dang Hyang Sidhi Mantra who happened to pass this area hundreds years ago. The people in this area believe that Bunut Bolong has a very strong magical aura.

The view of the gorge and surrounding hills from the looking post on the north side of Bunut Bolong is magnificent.