Frog Market (Pasar Kodok)


+62 361 973 285

  • Address:

    Kampung Kodok Street, Dauh Peken Village, Tabanan Regency, Bali

Frog Market, otherwise known as Pasar Kodok to the locals, is a hidden gem that attracts a handful of fashion forward shoppers. As the most popular vintage fashion and second-hand market in Bali, Frog Market is a sartorial smorgasbord, selling everything from electric blue Dr. Martens boots and retro swimsuits to lacy lingerie and sheep skin jackets. It’s not uncommon to find the occasional luxury branded vintage item being sold for less than the price of your lunch. Frog Market is stocked with cast off pieces that didn’t make the cut for import or export retail. It takes a keen eye and determination, but a day at Frog Market can be a fruitful one.

Hidden in the busy streets of Tabanan, locals visit this market and this market is almost never busy. That means you can take it slow, eat some Bakso in between, and have some fresh Kelapa Muda. The stuff seems to be mostly European. Levis, Adidas, Stussy, Benetton, H&M, Gap…Ruffled jeans, retro shirts, oversized singlets, comfy jumpers, funky swimwear, tons of dresses and blouses, jackets, leather jackets, bags, shoes… name it and it’s there.

Open daily 9am – 3pm (but not on heavy raining days).