Bali Island Horse


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  • Address:

    Yeh Ganga Beach, Tabanan Regency, Bali

Situated on Bali's wild west coast not far from the famous rock temple of Tanah Lot, Bali Island Horse takes you into the timeless cultural heartland of Bali as you ride through rice fields and traditional villages and canter along the black sand beaches and across a river as well as make a pit stop at a bat cave.

A natural Balinese experience with a mystic ride, on seemingly endless sparkling beach. The stables are located on the coast, at the Seaside village of Yeh Gangga, just west of the most photographed and one of Bali's most sacred places, Tanah Lot. The scenery is beautiful in this peaceful village, where rice farming, fishing and sea salt harvesting are the main activities.

Gently sloping rice terraces fringe a sparkling black mineral shore, trail riding west, pausing at a waterfall, sea-salt harvesting area, a temple set on the cliffs, a bat cave and a natural rock headland which juts out of the crystal Blue Ocean, but best of all, an opportunity to swim with the horses. An idyllic setting, invigorating sea air, crystal clear ocean, spectacular coastline, rural panorama and the local people, completes our trip of natural beauty and Balinese hospitality.

A glimpse into village life, where culture and tradition entwine, along the small paths, past the traditional family housing compounds, home industries and the friendly smiling faces Bali is Unique.