Dalem Sidan Temple


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  • Address:

    Sidan Main Road, Sidan Village, Gianyar Regency, Bali

Eerily beautiful, this ‘Temple of Death Rites’, otherwise known as Pura Dalem Sidan is dedicated to Merajapati, the guardian spirit of the dead. Considered by some to be one of the spookiest temples on the island, Pura Dalem Sidan was built in the 17th century by I Dewa Gede Pindi, and features a bell tower on which depictions of a less than pleasant afterlife are graphically displayed. Illustrating the gruesome punishment that awaits those who lived in sin, the reliefs in Pura Dalem Sidan portray beheadings, decapitations, and Durga crushing babies, amongst other grisly representations. Despite its seemingly ghastly esteem, Pura Dalem Sidan is a peaceful place where many come to shed the ashes of their relatives and loved ones.

It is famous for its amazing gates and standing just at the road; nevertheless, it is mostly empty inside except during important village ceremonies. 'This Temple of Death Rites is dedicated to Siva and his consort, Durga.