Belanjong Temple

  • Address:

    Intaran Village, Sanur, Denpasar Regency, Bali

Pura Belanjong lies in southern Sanur and is a significant archaeological site because of the famous Prasati Blanjong, a 177cm stone pillar that dates back to AD 914, built by Warmadewa Dynasty's Buddhist King Sri Kesari Varma, which makes it the oldest Balinese inscription that mentions a royal name.  What is also very significant about this prehistoric artifact is that it also contains bilingual script, using both Sanskrit and old Balinese indicating that an Indian colony existed settled in the area over a millennia ago.

The inscriptions on the stone columns of the Pura Belanjong offer a reference to the military expedition that was set against the eastern Indonesia. The stone column is the isle's oldest artifact that was discovered quite late in the year 1932. The pillar that stands tall behind Bali's Pura Belanjong is a smooth volcanic stone that is cylindrical in shape and features a crown of a carved lotus cushion.