Bali Kite Festival


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    Padang Galak Beach, Sanur, Bali

Taking place in July at Padang Galak Beach in Sanur in July the annual Bali Kite Festival features local and international teams that compete to the accompaniment of a gamelan orchestra. In the past, teams numbering as many as 800 and from 11 different countries took part in the event, including New Zealand, the Philippines, the U.S, Germany and India kite teams. There are several competition categories depending on the model of kite, with scoring based on a successful launch, flight duration, grace and dexterity of movement. The “New Creation” segment focuses on innovative designs, featuring depictions of Hindu deities, humans, creatures and other whimsies.  Like most of the unique cultural activities in Bali, kite building has a sacred aspect. The predominance of red, black, white and yellow reflect the sacred Hindu trinities of Brahma, Vishnu and Krishna and some have suggested a link with harvest cycles.