Batur Sari Temple


+62 361 973 285

  • Address:

    Suweta Street, Ubud, Gianyar Regency, Bali

This Ubud royal temple is more specifically a penyawang temple, one specifically dedicated to the deity of Lake Batur. This was made to spare the royal family from the arduous journey to the mountain lake.  During its odalan (annual temple anniversary) a large dance stage is set up in order to provide entertainment for the gods.

The climate in this area is cool and still very natural. It is very peaceful and tranquil and is located away from the crowds. Therefore it is very influential on the spiritual life of the people in the region. They nurture the holy places in the region with great care and respect. One such place is Pura Batur Sari.

Many spiritual aspirants come to Pura Batur Sari for different purposes since it is believed that at Pura Batur Sari is buried the treasure essential for spiritualism. The Sulinggih also comes to Pura Batur Sari to beg for safety and to worship the universe.