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    Amed Village, Karangasem Regency, Bali

Tulamben means one thing: diving. Ok, and maybe snorkeling - the uppermost part of the famous USAT Liberty wreck dive that lies just off shore is only four meters from the surface. But if you want to really explore the coral encrusted shell of this 120 foot American cargo ship, torpedoed by the Japanese off the coast of Lombok and later scuttled here, you'll want a tank on your back. Having said that, this is a shore dive, so no boat hire required. The wreck is just one part of the story however - Tulamben is rich in marine life thanks to its northeast location, benefiting from the plankton rich currents that pass from the South China Sea to the Indian Ocean. There are three additional dive sites - a coral garden, a wall and the so-called Batu Kelibit (lit. submerged rocks). A few kilometers east along the coast and a few degrees higher on the chill barometer lies Amed. More idyllic than its nearby neighbor, you don't need to be a diver to opt for Amed, you just need to be able to relax. The pebble beaches are not made for sunbathing, but you'll be too busy snorkeling or lazing in a hammock to care. Take a look back and you'll see the slopes of Gunung Agung rearing skyward.

Amed is the most recent tourist development area in Bali. Amed refers to a long stretch of coast running from the village of Cucik about 14 km eastwards incorporating the seven villages of Amed, Jemeluk, Bunutan, Lipah, Selang, Banyuning and Aas. The pace of life here is slow and the coastal scenery quite stunning making Amed the perfect place for a relaxed holiday in Bali. Amed is famous for its beaches, lined with traditional outrigger fishing boats. There is quite coarse black volcanic sand at Amed village beach. As you move further east (and away from Mount Agung), the beaches have softer sand and become more of a mid grey-brown in colour. The prettiest bays are probably those at Jemeluk and Lipah but the whole stretch of coastline is very attractive.

There is vibrant marine life close offshore in clear seas. Mini Zoo, Selang (at the Selang Resort), many kinds of birds (cockatoo, lory, hornbill), reptiles (python, tortoise, skink) and mammals (slow lori, palm civet, porcupine). Shell Museum, Bunutan (at the Aiona Garden of Health).